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We cover:

- Consistent $10k Months

- 6 Figure Launches

- Selling as an Empath

- Channelling the frequency of divine abundance

- Healing unworthiness & stepping into your WORTHY AF self

- Sales with your spirit guides

- Landing consistent soul aligned clients



The exact spiritual and energetic strategy to scale your spiritual business to 6 figures




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You know its possible - Running a location independent business, that you love whilst embodying your soul purpose and changing the world.

And you've seen the ads too...

​Telling you, all you need to do is

build a sales funnel

invest thousands Facebook ads

build a high converting website

etc. etc. 

Maybe you even bought some of these trainings, but even though you watched and applied it, it didn't really do much. 

Maybe you've even worked with a business coach, and felt maybe they just didn't get you.

Heres the thing

Running a spiritual business is NOT like running any other business.

Thats why so often you end up investing in things that just don't bring you closer to your dreams.

Running a spiritual business means its an expression of who you are at your soul level. Its NOT just a means to an end.

Its the vehicle for expressing your divine soul purpose.

And your own traumas, beliefs, and spiritual practises directly impact your business growth.

Oh and not all strategies will be aligned with a spiritual business (no matter how much your business coach may try to convince you that messaging 40 people a day will get you a thriving business)


In this free training I'm breaking down what it actually takes, yeah a good strategy is important but without the right beliefs, frequencies and soul alignment, they won't get you very far.

Hey, I'm Athina

And when I started my spiritual business I had big dreams and little to no knowledge of how to get them.

Heres the thing.

I didn't just build a website and call myself a business coach.

I started out just like you.

I was seeing people in person at a clinic for energy healing.

Which progressed to moving online, building courses, and other offerings

and slowly but surely selling out my offers, hitting my first $10k, then $20k, then $50k, then $100k month.

And I'm still doing it. Most of what I do is in the spiritual industry

I know what works and what doesn't.

I know what blocks and beliefs need to be shifted to hit 6 figures in a spiritual business

I know what it takes to build a successful spiritual business online and offline

I've done it for myself and I've done it for my clients too.


And I can help you do it too.




Through the framework of Strategy - Healing - Spirit, my business now looks like

- 6 figure launches with ease 

- Sold out spiritual and business programs

- An amazing online community

- Getting paid for my soul work

- Having clients on repeat and a stable, consistent, passive income

- Feeling like I'm working less than I ever have

I'm not just a business coach. I'm a kinesiologist and a clairvoyant channel.

 I know the ins and outs of building a spiritual soul aligned business and that it looks very different than classic business strategy.

I know how to create a successful spiritual business, and I can help you do it too.

I've worked with the best in the business and Athina is top of that list. Please, if you have something you want or need? 

Book Athina or do one of her courses, I'm a raving fan;  her intuition, her incredible GIFTS and her passion to help as many people as possible make her the best in the business.

She's the real deal. And I don't say that lightly.

Marina J
#1 best-selling author, life coach and speaker

I know that when you tune into your soul, you feel:

My business is meant to feel good and flow

I'm not here to struggle, or hustle but to align and surrender

I'm here to change the world and be massively financially compensated for it.


On a soul level you know this..


But your life doesn't reflect it.

Not yet anyway.


I'm here to be your guide.

Business for lightworkers is meant to be different.

My clients and I are proof that you can create a successful soul aligned business on YOUR terms.




Its was and has always been yours for the taking. 

Working with Athina I had my BIGGEST launch I have had to date. $43,000. It's only going to double each time now with the foundations we've created!


I loved most about working with Athina was the balance of strategy, mindset and energy. I believe that these truly are the three pillars to create huge success that not many coaches facilitate! It has been amazing in my up level!​

Brittney Vangestal
Energy Healer & Psychic 

What You Get Inside The Free Training

And obviously there will be energy work and channelling, because, well its me;

You also get immeadiate access to a membership site with the following trainings:


Selling as an Empath

Sacred selling from a heart space, 

ensuring you have energetic boundaries set to show up live in your business without burning out


the beliefs you need to clear to soulfully sell with ease.


Embodying Worthy

'Charge your worth' --> I call bullshit. Your worth is infinite.

But yeah, you probably do need to raise your prices 

We'll chat healing unworthiness, clearing ancestral programs so that you can actually open up your receiving channels with ease and grace.



Money and Divine Abundance

Its your responsibility to enter the frequency of divine abundance so that you can continue to be a match for the wealth you desire.

We'll talk healing patterns around money and how to expand your wealth capacity.



Magnetising Soul-mate Clients

I never believed in 'going out in search of clients' I believe we show up in soul alignment and magnetise our soul mate clients to us. 

I'll share with you exactly how to do this so you can sell out your 1:1

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You started your business because you knew you were put here on earth for something big.

Your soul was calling you to step up and create the impact that you were born for.


And whilst you're seeing some clients, and getting some results.... its nowhere near what you know you're meant for.


Your soul is calling for more.

You know you're destined for more.
I don't need to convince you that its possible, because when you tune into your soul, you already know, that the wealthy, aligned, joy inspiring, world changing business and life is what you're here for.

Its time to drop the struggle, drop the hustle, and step into soul alignment to scale your spiritual business. 

Athina is THE BEST when it comes to energy work, and I have never seen a channel as clear as hers!


Love you lady!

Leah Steele

Ouroboros Founder
Soul Diviner & Wealth Witch

When I first started my spiritual business and I remember looking at the spiritual entrepreneurs who were thriving and running multiple 6 figure businesses.


I thought about what I was lacking, and maybe I just wasn't 'lucky'


But heres the thing, a successful spiritual business is not about luck.


It is about

1) Healing your blocks, from this life and previous ones and any old programs and limiting beliefs you have that are stopping you from showing up in full soul aligned action.

2) Aligning with your soul and with your spiritual team to receive channelled transmissions and guidance about what you need to be creating/doing

3) Developing and executing on your soul aligned strategy.


And, its easier than it sounds.

And I'll prove it in this free training ->

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