Learn To Channel Your Spirit Guides

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Your spirit guides are waiting for you

- its time to activate your channelling abilities!


Are you wanting to receive guidance and messages from your spirit guides but your connection from them feels distant?


Do you feel like they’re sending you signs

Hello constant: 1111, 555 & 444 

but when you go to ask for more information, you don’t get anything?


Do you want to actually open up clear & 

easy communication pathways with them?


You’re in the right place.

Receiving accurate psychic information of any

kind including channelling requires 2 things;

An Effective System   |   Energy Activations


One without the other, leaves you disconnected, confused and not receiving clear guidance. Thats what I cover with you in this free course, so you can receive clear and powerful guidance from your spiritual team!

In this course I’ll share with you my signature system R.A.E. Method™ which has taught hundreds of lightworkers to channel.


I’ll also be providing you with energy work and activations to clear your channel because psychic work is energetic in its nature, you can’t expect to channel without doing energy work.

I’ll also be taking you through processes to meet & channel your guides so you can start receiving the guidance your soul needs!


The Age of Aquarius is the time for light workers to be actively communicating with their spirit guides.


You see, you’re here to be supported.


You have an entire spiritual team comprised of guides and angels who love you and want to help you.

And they’re talking to you literally all the time.

The problem is you don’t know how to hear them.


Your soul incarnated into this dimension and reality with a walkie talkie that connects you directly to your spiritual team so you can ask for help, guidance and direction.


That walkie talkie is your channelling abilities.

And once you fully embody them - there is no going back.


It's a new way of living.

Athina is an amazing channeller. I have worked with many psychics and have found her ability to connect to spirit for people amazing, extremely powerful and one of the best. I would highly recommend her as a healer, teacher and portal for spirit to anyone.

Kassandra Scardino
Point Of Light Therapy Modality Founder
Psychic and Pranic Healing Teacher

When you channel your spirit guides, life is easier:

Business - I'm able to bounce ideas off of my guides. Is this aligned with me? Is this on track with the goals I have for my business?


Relationships - I'm able to call in the higher self of my partner to check in and understand why something is happening within the relationship. I'm able to see our soul contracts and see the larger soul perspective of our interactions. 


Healing - When something comes up, a trauma or a physical issue I'm able to tap in and receive information about why it's there so I can heal it.


Knowing why I am the way I am - I'm aware of my past lives, my spiritual teams, my soul's purpose, etc.



You see it’s a constant stream of communication.


As I go through the day I'll receive constant guidance, tools and tips. They'll point out things I need to heal and steps I need to take.


To this day most of my actions and life decisions come from asking them.​

There’s no more feeling stuck, just knowing you're always being lead in the right direction.


I simply asked, received and followed through on what I recieved.


And this is available to everyone.


This is available to you.

Everyone with the right tools can tap into this way of living.

Athina is THE BEST when it comes to energy work, and I have never seen a channel as clear as hers!


Love you lady!

Leah Steele

Ouroboros Founder
Soul Diviner & Wealth Witch

Through my free “Channel Your Spirit Guide Course” I will support you in activating your channelling abilities to begin communicating with your guides on a daily basis.


This 3 part course will guide you through activating your psychic abilities.


I'll actually take you through a process to meet your spirit guides and receive guidance from them.

We’ll also do energy work to open up your psychic centres so you can channel with ease.

I've worked with the best in the business and Athina is top of that list. Please, if you have something you want or need? 

Book Athina or do one of her courses, I'm a raving fan;  her intuition, her incredible GIFTS and her passion to help as many people as possible make her the best in the business.

She's the real deal. And I don't say that lightly.

Marina J
#1 best-selling author, life coach and speaker

In The Channel Your

Spirit Guide Course I’ll share:


 What channeling is & the foundations of this work

➤ The different styles of channelling so you can identify what type of channel you are

➤ Identify who is working with you on your spiritual team so you know who to connect with

➤ How to open up your receiving abilities to discern their messages

➤ How to look after your energy and channel safely so you can be sure of the clarity and potency of the information you receive

➤ Connecting to the various dimensions and living in 5D (this work is a way of living)

➤ An intensive and expansive high heart activation (your 5D heart chakra) so that you can easily connect to higher dimensions

➤ Breakdown of my R.A.E. Method™ – Radiate, Activate, Expand method for safe, effective and powerful channelling

➤ A process to meet and receive guidance from your spirit guides you can reuse as needed!

➤ How to fully surrender and live in trust, as guided by Spirit


When you’re able to channel your guides, you live in alignment with your soul and higher self, receiving guidance and clarity, knowing what direction you need to go.


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What You Get Inside The Free Training



I cover with you the foundations of channelling, how it works and why energy is everything for this work!


You’ll also receive a high heart activation that will make you feel blissful and support you in raising your vibrations to channel.


Learn the R.A.E. Method™

The break down of the R.A.E. Method™ so you can learn the steps to channel.

 I’ll guide you through the key techniques so you can start connecting with your spirit guides.


Channel Your Spirit Guides

I take you through a guided channelling process so you can meet your guides and receive guidance from them, you can reuse this process whenever you want to connect with them!

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About Athina:

Athina Bailey is a trance channeller, kinesiologist and psychic

clairvoyant. She specialises in supporting others to step into their

soul gifts and align with their soul purpose.


Athina grew up psychic and has been channelling since her early

teens, she has led hundreds of students through Channelling

Spirit Academy and watched them blossom into successful

channellers in their own rights. Its Athina's soul mission to

awaken as many channellers as possible on earth



Is it really possible for anyone to do this work?


I 100% believe and know it is. I have watched hundreds of students          come to learn Channelling from it, many not knowing if they even              could and walked away as clear and potent channels,channelling              their guides on demand.


This is an ability that everyone has innately but has not been taught          how to be used or activated.


How do I access the course?


Enter your email above and you will be sent access to it. Please check your spam


I have questions


Sure, email team Athinabailey.com and we’ll be happy to answer them!


I want more support than this course:

Channelling Spirit Academytm will provide you with a 3 month program with coaching calls and live energy work to support you.


Is it safe?



Channelling is one of those things I don't recommend trying to figure out on your own unless you really know what you're doing.

During the course I teach you exactly how to safely connect, how to discern the different beings and how to be a direct match ONLY for high vibrational beings.

I've channelled THOUSANDS of times and because of the correct set up and preparation (which I teach) I've never had a bad experience


Do I need to be psychic already to do this course?


Not at all. I've had people sign up who only had an interest in the metaphysical and wanted to learn more and walked away with

activated abilities.


Why is this free?


Every year I get messages from people wanting to join Channelling Spirit Academy but not being in a place where they can invest in it. This course provides an introductory version of this course giving you some free potent tips.

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